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Can I Foster?

Find the answers to all you're questions here.

Can I Foster?

Becoming a Foster Carer is an opportunity for people to do something incredible - opening their homes and hearts to children, teenagers and young people from all walks of life who need care, safety and guidance.

Your fostering journey starts when you reach out to us, with our team always looking for foster families and carers from different backgrounds and lifestyles; including same-sex couples, individual carers, divorced or widowed people, older and younger couples and beyond. We look for a variety of family set ups as each child is unique just like we are.

Our aim is to make harmonious matches between our Foster Carers and the children and young people who need them, the greater variety of families we can partner with, the better. That's why we would love to hear from you regardless of your situation, background, culture or religion. 

What skills do you need to become a Foster Carer?

Some skills can be beneficial when it comes to applying to become a Foster Carer and starting your fostering journey. However, the biggest thing you need is an open mind and heart. So many children who come to Empower Fostering need a safe and welcoming place to call home. Our team offers extensive and comprehensive training for different scenarios and types of fostering, offering bespoke and specialist training specifically tailored to your family's needs, saving you spending your valuable time on training courses which are not useful. 

Fostering will test you and make you lean on previously unused life experiences and will reveal things you didn't know about yourself. It may test you, but it will reward you in equal measure, with many of our Empower Fostering carers remaining with us for many years in testament to the community we have created.

As long as you have...

A spare bedroom

An open mind to accept children of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life

Room in your family for an extra member (or two!)

... then we want to hear from you!

Can I Foster If...

..I continue to work?

The agency prefers, where possible for the primary carer to be at home and ready to fulfill the needs of the child should they be out of school or ill and to attend important meetings that will take place concerning the child's welfare. It is therefore ideal if the main person providing the care can be at home or have a role that enables you to work from home. 

...I have a pet?

Yes! Most of our foster carers have pets of some sort. Caring for pets tends to go hand in hand with the caring nature of Foster Carers. Once you've taken your first steps towards a career as a Foster Carer, we will begin the assessment process, and your pets are an important part of this process. Importantly, over and over again, we have seen the way children coming into care find it less daunting to make friends with your pets before they make friends with you! Pets can be instrumental in helping a child or young person settle in your home. 

...I can't drive?

Fostering is such an interesting and diverse career, and we know that only you will understand what it's like to live with your foster child or young person daily. Because of your specialist knowledge of them, we (and they) need you to attend routine planning meetings. Meetings are only sometimes held near your home, and it is essential you can get to them easily. In addition, there are times when children need to be transported to school, medical appointments, clubs and to have access to their families. Again, the venues may not be easily accessible by public transport. For these reasons, it is important that the primary carer can drive and has access to a car. Talk with us about this is it raises any concerns. 

...We are a same-sex couple?

Yes, so please do! It saddens us to think many fantastic people that would make incredible carers think they can't realise their dream to foster just because they're a same-sex couple. 

...If I practice a religion?

Yes, you can! We are always looking for Foster Carers from different backgrounds, cultures and religions, so we have the best opportunity to match young people with Foster Carers best suited to them and their cultural and religious needs.

...I rent my home?

Yes. All we ask is that you gain written permission from your landlord, which we can help you with. The most important thing is to remember the value you will add to a young person's life, and you don't need to own a house to do that!

...I have a criminal record?

Whilst several criminal offences would exclude people from becoming Foster Carers, there are many that won't. 

Everyone's background and experience differ, as we assess each applicant on their own merits. However, the most imporant thing is that you are completely honest and open with us at every assessment stage. 

If you are concerned about this in any way, please don't hesitate to contact us for confidential advice. We are not here to judge you. On the contrary, we are here to help you achieve your wish to foster children and young people, so get in touch with us today. 

Ready to talk about fostering?
Get in touch with us today for a friendly chat. 

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